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This page contains videos from the El Cajon Car Show. The Car Show took place every Wednesday evening through the Summer. Some nights we went with our Church or friends and other nights we went just as a family. We met a lot of interesting people. Sadly most of those we met had very little knowledge of the Gospel. Consider the interviews below and ask yourself, "do people really need me to share the Gospel with them?" People may not be as aware of the Gospel as you think.


Young Kids Discussing Evolution and Gospel Parts 1- 2

El Cajon Car Show Interview with a Couple Parts 1- 2

Jay and Fred Discussing Evolution parts 1-2

Point Loma High Senior Parts 1-3

Good Person Test Parts 1 -2

Richard and Jay Part 1- 2


El Camino Car Owner Parts 1-2

Lindsay and Kimmy Parts 1- 2

Homeless Parts 1-2

Gary Part 1-2






Catholic Family

Adam and Eve Theory


A Couple of Christian Guys

Three Uncertain Young Guys


Guys Thinking It Through Part 1-2

Joe Part 1-2



Man Searching

Outside Porn Shop

Couple with Dogs

Young Guys Part 1-2

Girl and Grandmother Part 1-2

Young Boys on Bikes

Homeless Man Dave listening to Gospel

Very Interesting Group Part 1-3 (Warning there is some cursing)

Uncertain Man listening to the Gospel

Million dollar Tract Giveaway

Entry to El Cajon Car Show June 24, 2009

Jay Sharing the Gospel with some teenagers

Melissa encouraging some Christians to share the Gospel

Thad sharing the Gospel with a couple

Thad sharing the Gospel with another couple

Andrew Part 1-7