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I was born in Oklahoma, but moved to California by the age of 2. From there I moved back to Oklahoma and then to Texas by the age of 10. I lived with my mother, who during my childhood expereinced divorce and was married to her 4th husband while I was in high school. Drinking and physical abuse were an unfortunate reality in our house during periods of my childhood. My mother worked hard to provide for our family. I have a younger brother and sister and an older brother.

We occasionally attended a Catholic Church together as a family. I believed there was a God, but grew up with little awareness of who He was. It was shortly afer high school that my mother started attending a Southern Baptist church and began to flourish in her faith. I met my husband in my Junior year of high school. We were married about 6 months after graduation. Shortly after our marriage we began attending a small Grace Brethren Church in Longview Texas where we became very active. In addition we read through the Bible cover to cover for the first time in our lives. I began attending a local junior college to study Early Childhood Development. I went on to complete by certification at East Texas Baptist University. For much of my married life we have struggled to comprehend the significance of the Gospel message. This struggle was a difficult struggle and challenged us in our marriage and in our parenting.

Thad and I now live in San Diego, California where have three children, Christin 21, Stephen 15, and Alyssa 9. Through God's grace about 7 years ago, we began to pursue our God in a deeper way than the past. We committed ourselves to regular prayer, Scripture reading and church attendance. We did this not to obtain salvation, but learn and to grow in our faith. As we grew I felt a greater desire to serve God and be obedient to the Great Commission. I have real heart for the "imperfect" and the "unclean". I have come to realize the Gospel can be the sweetest to those who have the most bitter taste of life.

In 2000, I began struggling with mild seizures. After many doctors appointments and tests an MRI eventually revealed a small tumor on my brain. The seizures were managed somewhat with medications. The tumor was monitored until it grew in 2010. In August, I underwent an operation to remove what was believed to be a benign tumor. After the operation the pathology report identified the tumor as a low grade Oligodendroglioma. The surgeon could not remove all of the tumor and the seizures have gotten worse and more frequent. I am scheduled for an awake craniotomy December 2, 2010 at UCSD's Thorton Hospital. I am told that people with this type of tumor have an average life expectancy of 7-13 years. We are prayerful that God will use my suffering to reach others with the good news of Christ.