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Morality Vs. Love

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Recently I have listened to several people say that they deny the Christian faith because it unreasonably emphasizes morality and rules. These same people often tell me that we should love others and worry less about rules. I wonder if these people have really thought through the relationship between morality and love. How do we love and not at the same time avoid doing things that harm the one we are loving.  If I love some one I shouldn’t  steal from them, lie to them, murder them, curse them, take their wife, or cheat them. So what is the relationship between love and morality? Christianity is not about morality for the sake of morality. It is not about rules for the sake of rules. Christianity is about  honoring rules and living morally for the sake of love. Because we love, we understand that we should not murder, lie, steal, lust, etc. Morality is only onerous to the extent love is onerous. They go hand in hand.


on September 4, 2009 in Atheism, Christian, evolution, God 1 Comment »

When I ask an atheist a question I usually get an angry, arrogant, diatribe because I am violating his/her first “assumption”. For example, not a perfect example, If I asked an atheist “what is in this bottle?” And let’s say it was water. The atheist may assume its vodka. He then would tell me it is clear, it is liquid, it is in a bottle, the culture of that time was known to put vodka in bottles, etc. He could then go into great detail using science to prove it was indeed liquid, or build a solid case that the culture of that day bottled their vodka and so on. If at any point I tested the contents of the bottle and said I think it is water, I am ridiculed as stupid and dishonest by the atheist. An honest atheist will have to admit dating methodologies, the theory of evolution, and the Big Bang Theory are built upon “significant” assumptions and that these assumptions have not been validated to this date. This should allow for continued questioning.

It’s amazing to me that the book The Shack remains on the top seller lists at bookstores and websites such as Where is the outcry against this book? It seems muffled at best. The book claims “There is no punishment for sin. Sin is punishment for itself.” This should cause great concern for any person claiming the Christian faith. What happened on the cross? If the there is no punishment for sin, did Christ die for nothing? Of course not! He died for our sins taking the punishment upon Himself. This is the heart of the Gospel. Those who dare criticize the book are scolding for not understanding the book is “just fiction”. Come on. Read the reader reviews of the book. You will find over and over again, “ I finally discovered God”; “For the first time I understand God”; “I have learned about God what the Church could never teach” and more. This fictional book and its fictional god are being used as a Bible Study tool. What? What Bible? According to the book, the Bible is not very important anyway. Seminaries and Bible Colleges have built course studies on the book. I wish the courses were a critique but nope. According to the book Seminaries are worthless anyway. Oh and it makes a popular youth group study. The kids don’t know any better…right? According to the book we shouldn’t even waste our time in this evil institution known as the church anyway. This book strips away the good news of the Gospel and self proclaimed Christians and Churches rushed to embrace it. Can’t wait for the movie! Oh, sure, the author has big hopes that he can tell us more about this fictional god in a movie. Watch for it. Shame on us!