What faith is and is not?

on March 31, 2010 in Uncategorized

Faith is believing something came from nothing?
Faith is believing something existed nowhere?
Faith is believing that the universe is eternal with an infinite past and yet we arrived at today?
Faith is believing that the something that came from nothing and existed nowhere and always created everything by chance? without purpose?
Faith is believing that all the sin that the conscience twinges at will not be judged?
Faith is believing that if I believe it strong enough it will become true?
Faith is trusting your friend with a similar faith?

Faith is “not” looking at design and believing there must be a designer? or creation and believing there was a Creator?
Faith is not looking into an expanding universe and believing there must something beyond it?
Faith is not acknowledging sin and its judgment?
Faith is not acknowledging God?

Faith is believing God created and loved His creation and sent Jesus Christ in His great mercy to redeem it from its guilty state.

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