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Lately, when sharing the Gospel, it seems I am coming across a lot of Catholics. The subject of purgatory always comes up. At the heart of the issue is how sufficient was Jesus’ death on the cross to pay for sins. Purgatory seems to me to say that it wasn’t quite enough. That we must still in some strange, ill-defined manner, make up the difference.

In listening to atheist, its clear that they are putting their faith in an eternal universe where everything we see was and isĀ “generated” randomly. As Christians, our faith is placed in an eternal God who created all that we see. He Himself was not created but has no beginning. Both thoughts are hard to grasp. Both assume something came from nothing. Or do they? If God always existed then He just is and always was and always will be. He did not come from something. Atheist could say the same about the universe. But hold on. It gets tricky at this point. If the universe is truly eternal and random, how did such a universe become so orderly? Atheist often belittle Christians as having no evidence of a Creator and mock faith. Yet they have no evidence of randomness generating order or more importantly life. Now that’s a faith that is blind. Romans chapter one makes it clear that God is known through His creation. Yet today the Atheist through the scientific community have led many away into a blind faith in an eternal universe without a creator.