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Wes thanks for the challenge to my description of many atheists. Let me first say I don’t claim to be a professional debater, scientist, philosopher, etc.  The following are my initial thoughts regarding your critique of my blog.

1. You said that “no scientist anywhere has ever said that it (evolution) was random chance or an accident”. You point to natural selection. First,  have you spoken to every scientist everywhere? Picky I know. But you cannot honestly make this statement . Second, I maintain the process is random. Sure natural selection is part of that random process.  But what drives natural selection? Climate, environmental conditions, etc. All random occurrences if there is no God or Creator behind them.

2. You say that I falsely claim that evolutionary theory says we come from chimpanzees. Well let’s get picky. Okay, we came from a chimpanzee like creature. But after all wasn’t it evolutionist that got so excited that we share 96% of our DNA with chimps. So I guess I was 96% correct. Please forgive the 4% error. I am still wondering why all our cousins and ancestors died and only the Chimps and ourselves remain after all these millions of years. The Chimps lucked out I guess?

3. You say that Science has stood the test of time. Really? I see the assumptions of Science being revised almost daily as more is learned.  On the other hand I see ancient scripture we referred to as the Bible standing the test of time. Sure some have misinterpreted the Bible over the years only to be corrected by Science. It was the person’s interpretation that failed to stand the test of time not the Scripture itself.

4. You said the Bible claims the earth is flat and advocates slavery. Now that would be a misinterpretation.  As a matter of fact there are  references to a round earth before it was know that the earth was round. Maybe you are referring to passages that refer to the wind or angels coming from the 4 corners? A figure of speech meaning to come from all directions. It certainly doesn’t say the earth is flat. Sure slavery was mentioned as part of our world’s history and even as a consequence of a fallen world or sinful people. That’s not an endorsement. If there is not a God I am not sure why you would think slavery was such a bad thing anyway?

5. You asked for one hard piece of evidence. Other than the one you are standing on ( the earth)  and the one you are living in ( your body) I have no idea what to offer you.  You have no plausible explanation for the creation of the universe or life yet you act as though faith in God is foolishness. Christians have a rational answer for the Universe and life. Atheist simply do not. They are always waiting on the next  scientific discovery for the answer.  Think about how little science has produced in answering this question. We cannot even produce an earth worm! Can we? No! We can create jets, computers, artificial hearts, etc but cannot create life in a simple worm. Yet you hope that Science will soon discover how the Universe got here and how life was created.

Wes, I cannot convince you that the Christian God exists. Only God through His Holy Spirit can do this. While I believe it is rational and can be supported by Science, belief in God is deeper than the intellect. It involves a spirit of humility and submission. Submission to a perfect God that loves His creation. He provided Christ as the full payment for every sin, injustice and crime to all those who will accept His mercy. This life is short and our disagreement will be settled soon. I pray  God will reveal Himself to you in spirit.

Feel free to poke holes in what I offered in this post.


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When I ask an atheist a question I usually get an angry, arrogant, diatribe because I am violating his/her first “assumption”. For example, not a perfect example, If I asked an atheist “what is in this bottle?” And let’s say it was water. The atheist may assume its vodka. He then would tell me it is clear, it is liquid, it is in a bottle, the culture of that time was known to put vodka in bottles, etc. He could then go into great detail using science to prove it was indeed liquid, or build a solid case that the culture of that day bottled their vodka and so on. If at any point I tested the contents of the bottle and said I think it is water, I am ridiculed as stupid and dishonest by the atheist. An honest atheist will have to admit dating methodologies, the theory of evolution, and the Big Bang Theory are built upon “significant” assumptions and that these assumptions have not been validated to this date. This should allow for continued questioning.


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If we still have chimpanzees after the evolutionary process brought us to the modern human, why are all the other species between he chimpanzee and the human extinct and without any fossil remains? Even if we find some questionable fossils, where are the living intermediary species? The chimps did not die off. Why would every single intermediary species die off and on top of that not leave a single conclusive fossil to support the evolutionary theory?