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If you don't feel comfortable donating money to our ministry, we have provided some links to helpful supplies. You can click the link and purchase items that greatly help our ministry in reaching the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When purchasing the item simply use the address below as the shipping address:


Attention Executive Director

325 Kemptom Street

Spring Valley, CA 91978


A case of these New Testament Bibles is $50 at Lifeway Christian Stores


One of our favorite tracts $5 per 100

Another favorite Gospel Tract $10 per 100

10 Commandment Penny $10 per 100

Last but not least at $3,339 at Amazon! This would make a great addition to our equipment!


***We are not a tax exempt organization and unable to provide receipt for a tax deduction. Currently there are not enough donations to warrant the expesne of persuing this exemption. We do appreciate your support and offer our committment to use any donation for the purpose of sharing the Gospel.***