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I was born in Topeka Kansas where I lived one short year before moving to the piney woods of East Texas where I grew up. I grew up in a Christian family and accepted Christ at an early age. I accepted Christ while attending a Child Evangelism "5 Day Bible Club" at a neighbor's home. My parents encouraged me to grow in my faith through regular church and "Boys Brigade" attendance during my early childhood. I was fortunate to have a grandmother and neighbors that loved the Lord and also influenced my faith.

In my early teen years my parents were divorced and fought some difficult battles with sin. Through God's mercy they were again married to each other in my senior year of high school. I barely made it through high school academically but I did enjoy track and cross country. I also became apathetic toward my Christian faith. During my Junior Year I met Melissa and we were married about 6 months after graduating. We were married thinking that I would join the Air Force. Instead of the Air Force I worked for about four years before returning to college.

Once married I realized that during my teenage years I had not taken my faith seriously and that marriage was a big deal. Shortly after being married Melissa and I decided to pursue our faith at a deeper level. We read through the Bible cover to cover for the first time in our lives. This transformed us. We began attending church regularly and became active in evangelism and youth ministry. Still, we struggled to be consistent in our faith. I was the seed that sprang up but withered or was choked time and time again. I would get wrapped up in work or hobbies and stop reading, praying and attending church. At one of our high points in our faith we decided that we wanted to be missionaries. It was a desire I had since the 5 Day Bible Club. I talked with our pastor, John Mayes, of the Grace Brethren Church and we decided to sell our home and move to Winona Lake Indiana to attend Grace College. We moved to Winona Lake and settled into college life. I was a Biblical Studies major. While there I had a professor that challenged most of what I believed about God. At one point we got so tangled up in "free will" vs "predestination" that I was not longer sure of my desire to be a missionary. I became frustrated with God and began to allow doubt to drive me back into work and hobbies.

While I was attending Grace College I began working for Grace Village Retirement Community . I loved it and the people. Many of them were retired missionaries and pastors. I started as a part-time painter and after a few promotions become the Director of Environmental Services. It was at this time that I changed colleges and majors. I began attending Goshen College and switched my major to Organizational Management. During this time I was still struggling to understand Christ. I was then promoted to Director of Operations and became a licensed nursing home administrator. After completing my Bachelors of Science in Organizational Management I was accepted at the University of Notre Dame where I studied business administration. I eventually graduated magna cum laude with a Masters degree in administration. After graduation Melissa and I, along with our three children, moved to San Diego California where I began working as the Executive Director of large church owned retirement community. All this to say I became absorbed with work and myself. Sin crept in and robbed me of the joy of healthy relationships with Christ, my wife and my children.

By God’s grace my heart began to turn back toward Him. I realized that the path I was on was one of destruction not only for myself but my family too. I was living with the verse “ be still and know that I am God” in mind. I was so frustrated with God for leading me far away from home to be a missionary and allowing me to end up so confused. I was waiting on Him to reveal Himself while I pursued my selfish ambitions. Thankfully, God helped me to overcome significant sin and bad habits and I began to read my Bible, pray and attend Church faithfully. I began to genuinely care for my wife, children, and parents more and myself less. For the first time I began to understand who Christ was and what He did for me and the world. The Bible says the Law was giving that sin may become utterly sinful. Because of my own sin I began to recognize how needy I was of God’s mercy. I learned that God is a just God but also amerciful God and that He paid the penalty for my sin in the death of Jesus Christ. I still have many questions of God; but, as David said in the Psalms, “I have weaned my soul from asking God things too wonderful for me to know.”

My family and I began attending Shadow Mountain Community Church in 2003. Since then, we began sensing that God had given us so much... things like readily available Bibles, good preaching and teaching, freedom, and all sorts of resources in print, media and internet... that we were becoming more accountable. I felt like a car being pumped full of gas but never driven when it came to sharing the Gospel with others. It was just at that time we became familiar with “The Way of The Master”. It gave us some tools and ideas for evangelism. Now we pack up almost every Wednesday evening and Saturday afternoon and head out somewhere to share the Gospel. We don't believe that we are called to force feed people the Gospel. Its a precious gift that only God can give. We enjoy talking with others about this gift. We use this website as a way opening these conversations and then extending the value to all who may view the site.